3 reasons to remove Rohit Sharma’s captaincy in Mumbai Indians

Shaik Baji
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On December 15th, Mumbai Indians abruptly replaced Rohit Sharma with Hardik Pandya as captain, sparking speculation among fans regarding the rationale behind this decision. Despite the widespread curiosity, no definitive reason has been disclosed yet.

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One potential contributing factor could be Rohit Sharma’s recent performance statistics. His batting records over the last seven seasons have been less impressive, with only one instance of scoring over 400 runs and just two half-centuries in the past two seasons. Here’s a breakdown of his runs scored in the last seven IPL seasons:

  • IPL 2023: 332 runs
  • IPL 2022: 268 runs
  • IPL 2021: 381 runs
  • IPL 2020: 332 runs
  • IPL 2019: 405 runs
  • IPL 2018: 286 runs
  • IPL 2017: 333 runs

While these numbers might hint at a possible cause for his removal from captaincy, they don’t exclusively define the sole reason. Mumbai Indians’ overall team performance could also have influenced this decision. Despite making it to the playoffs last season, the team faced disappointments in the years following their championship victories in 2019 and 2020. Notably, in 2022, the team’s performance fluctuated from the bottom to the top.

Rohit Sharma’s future in upcoming seasons remains uncertain. Will he continue playing under Hardik Pandya’s captaincy? Does this signify the conclusion of Rohit Sharma’s IPL career, or is retirement from T20 cricket on the horizon? Moreover, there’s a burning question among cricket enthusiasts: Will Rohit Sharma lose his captaincy in the Indian national team post-IPL? Answers to these pressing inquiries may take time to surface

Reasons Behind removing Rohit Sharma’s captaincy

  1. Hardik pandya trade deal
  2. Rohit Sharma’s batting form
  3. A smooth transition
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