Most Runs In WPL History

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In this article, we take a look at the top 10 batsmen with the most runs in WPL history. Women’s cricket is on the rise in India, and the Women’s Premier League (WPL) has further boosted the popularity of the game.

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Like other T20 leagues, batsmen have consistently shown their hunger to score runs in the WPL. The league’s roster is full of amazing women batsmen who are capable of scoring big.

Most runs in WPL 2024:

PlayerTeamMatchesRunsHighest ScoreBatting AverageStrike Rate50s100s
Ellyse PerryBangalore93476669.40125.7220
Meg LanningDelhi93316036.77123.0440
Shafali VarmaDelhi93097138.62156.8530
Smriti MandhanaBangalore103008030.00133.9220
Deepti SharmaUP829588*98.33136.5730

Ellyse Perry from the Bangalore team is the most run scorer in the women’s premier league in Wpl 2024 she has scored 347 runs in 9 matches and her highest score is 66 she batted with a 125.72 strike rate with an average of 68.40

Top 10 Most Runs in WPL History

PlayerInningsRunAverageStrike RateHigh Score100/50
Meg Lanning1243843.80131.53720/3
Natalie Skiver-Brunt1339249.00137.0672*0/3
Grace Harris938363.83166.52720/3
Harmanpreet Kaur1138247.75134.98650/4
Shafali Verma1236736.70168.34840/4
Alyssa Healy1333728.08135.8896*0/2
Hayley Matthews1333327.75121.0977*0/2
Tahlia McGrath1132636.22147.5190*0/4
Yastika Bhatia1330423.38114.71570/1
Sophie Devine1129626.90162.63990/2
Most runs in WPL history

Key insights of Most runs in WPL history

Meg Lanning:

Rock of the Team Meg Lanning is not just the captain; He is the rock that holds his team together. Picture this – 606 runs in 15 innings, an impressive average of 46.61 and six times she came close to a century. No century yet, but that fifty score? They are like gold – stable and reliable.

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Harmanpreet Kaur:

Firecracker Harmanpreet Kaur is like a firecracker on the pitch. With 516 runs in 14 innings, an average of 51.60 and a top score of 95*, she brings fireworks to the game. That unbeaten 95? She seems to be setting the cricket field on fire with her explosive talent.

Natalie Sciver-Brunt:

The dynamic duo portrayed this couple – Natalie Sciver and Catherine Brunt. Scheever’s 471 runs in 17 innings reflect his consistency and his unbeaten 72*? It’s like she’s saying, “We got it.” Together, they form a dynamic duo, creating a cricketing symphony of teamwork.

Alyssa Healy:

gloved dynamo Alyssa Healy is not your average wicketkeeper; He is a dynamo with glove and bat. Sure, his average is 28.26, but his strike rate is 130.46 and is he close to a century (96*)? She danced between the wickets, making every run count.

Shafali Verma:

The Teen Wonder Shafali Verma, just 15 years old, is our teenage wonder. He breathed on the field with 423 runs in 15 innings and a strike rate of 168.52. That Nirbhay 84? She seems to be saying that age is just a number when it comes to crossing boundaries.

Grace Harris:

Boundary Queen Grace Harris is the queen of clearing boundaries. Guess – 417 runs in 12 innings, strike rate 154.44 and average 46.33. He is like a player who hits the ball out of the park and sets the stage for a cricket show.

Ellys Perry:

All-round star Ellys Perry is not just a cricketer; He is an all round star. His 410 runs in 13 innings and an average of 45.55 tell part of the story. An unbeaten 67*? It’s like she’s saying, “I can finish what I start,” which makes her a true game-changer.

Hayley Matthews:

Caribbean dynamo Hayley Matthews brings Caribbean flair to the game. Despite a batting average of 25.62, his strike rate of 121.66 and top score of 77* painted a picture of a dynamo ready to explode on the field and bring the Caribbean party to cricket.

Yastika Bhatia:

Rising Star Yastika Bhatia is our rising star. He scored 399 runs in 17 innings at an average of 23.47. Is that 57? It looks like it is announcing its arrival, showing that it is ready to shine in the cricket galaxy.

Smriti Mandhana:

Stylish Southpaw Smriti Mandhana is our stylish southpaw. With 392 runs in 14 innings, a strike rate of 134.24 and a top score of 80, he is like a painter creating masterpieces on a cricket canvas. Every stroke is beautiful, a joy to watch


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Beyond the scores, these women’s T20 cricketers bring stories of passion, courage, and sheer brilliance to the cricket field. As fans, we’re not just witnessing a game; we’re part of a journey filled with inspiring tales. These players, with their unique styles and contributions, make cricket a joy to watch, leaving us excited for more fantastic moments in the seasons ahead


Who is the highest run scorer in WPL 2023?

Meg Lanning was the highest run scorer in WPL 2023 with 345 runs in 9 matches and at a strike rate of 134.98. He hit 3 fifties, 56 fours and 5 sixes.

Who is the orange cap holder in WPL?

Meg Lanning was the Orange Cap holder in the WPL as the highest run scorer last season. The Orange Cap in 2024 is currently held by Meg Lanning.

Who is the highest run-scorer Indian batsman in WPL?

Harmanpreet Kaur is the highest run scorer in WPL 2023 for India. He scored 281 runs in 10 matches at a strike rate of 134.98. In 2024, he scored 101 runs in 2 matches at a strike rate of 134.66.

What is the biggest partnership in WPL?

The largest partnership in WPL is held by Shafali Verma and Meg Lanning from Delhi. The duo put on a 162-run partnership for the first wicket against Bengaluru on 5 March 2023 at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.

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