Most Sixes In IPL History

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in this article, we are going to cover the most sixes in IPL History. Indian Premier League (IPL) has witnessed some of the most exhilarating moments in cricket, and among the notable records, the count of sixes holds a special significance.

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In this exploration, we will delve into the explosive performances of players who have etched their names in IPL history by sending the ball soaring over the ropes.

Most Sixes In IPL History

1Chris GaylePBKS4053574965142141175*63139.72148.96
2Rohit SharmaMI5542576211243238109*14229.58130.05
3AB de VilliersRCB4132515162184170133*34039.70151.68
4MS DhoniCSK349239508225021884*02438.79135.92
5Virat KohliRCB643234726323722911375037.25130.02
6David WarnerDC646226639717617612646041.54139.92
7Kieron PollardMI218223341218917187*01628.67147.32
8Suresh RainaCSK5062035528205200100*13932.52136.76
9Andre RussellKKR15019322621129688*01029.00174.00
10Shane WatsonCSK3761903874145141117*42130.99137.91
Most Sixes In IPL

Chris Gayle – Dominating as the Universe Boss:

Chris Gayle, representing Punjab Kings (PBKS), has rightfully earned the title of the Universe Boss with a remarkable tally of 357 sixes. His destructive batting style and an unbeaten high score of 175* make him a formidable force in the tournament.

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Rohit Sharma – Impactful Six-Hitting by the Hitman:

Rohit Sharma, the captain of Mumbai Indians (MI), not only exhibits strategic brilliance but also boasts a prolific record of 257 sixes. His highest score of 109* and leadership qualities add to his impactful presence in the IPL.

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AB de Villiers – 360-Degree Mastery:

Renowned for his innovative and 360-degree batting, AB de Villiers has entertained Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) fans with 251 sixes. His adaptability is evident in his highest score of 133*, showcasing his dominance against any bowling attack.

MS Dhoni – Big Hits from Captain Cool:

While MS Dhoni is known as Captain Cool, his batting has been nothing short of explosive. Dhoni’s 239 sixes and a highest score of 84* have played a pivotal role in Chennai Super Kings’ (CSK) success over the years.

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Virat Kohli – Royal Six-Hitter:

Virat Kohli, RCB’s batting maestro, not only accumulates runs but also displays finesse in clearing the ropes with 234 sixes. His highest score of 113 reflects his aggressive approach and game-controlling abilities.

David Warner – Australian Powerhouse:

David Warner, representing Delhi Capitals (DC), has consistently delivered with 226 sixes in his IPL career. The Australian left-hander’s highest score of 126 underscores his ability to dismantle opposition bowlers.

Most Sixes In IPL History

Kieron Pollard – Mumbai’s Power Player:

Kieron Pollard, a stalwart for Mumbai Indians (MI), has been a game-changer with 223 sixes. His highest score of 87*, coupled with an impressive strike rate of 147.32, highlights his role as a power player in the IPL.

Suresh Raina – CSK’s Mr. IPL:

Suresh Raina, a key player for CSK, has contributed significantly with 203 sixes. Raina’s knack for finding boundaries at crucial moments, along with a highest score of 100*, has endeared him to fans.

Andre Russell – The Explosive All-Rounder:

Kolkata Knight Riders’ (KKR) Andre Russell, known for his explosive all-round abilities, has smashed 193 sixes. With a highest score of 88*, Russell’s aggressive style has left a lasting impact on IPL enthusiasts.

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Shane Watson – CSK’s Australian Dynamo:

Shane Watson, a former CSK player, showcased his six-hitting prowess with 190 maximums. His highest score of 117* and a strike rate of 137.91 underline his effectiveness as a top-order batsman.


The list of leading six hitters in IPL history stands as a testament to the thrilling and entertaining nature of the tournament. Each player on this prestigious list has left an indelible mark, contributing to the league’s legacy as one of the most exciting T20 competitions globally. As the IPL continues to evolve, fans can eagerly anticipate more breathtaking moments and record-breaking performances in the upcoming seasons.


Who hit the most sixes in IPL history?

Chris Gayle Hits the most sixes in IPL. He hits 357 sixes in 142 matches

Which IPL team hit the most sixes in 2023?

RCB hits the most sixes in IPL 2023

Who is known Mr IPL?

Suresh Raina is also called Mr IPL in the Indian Premier League. (IPL)

Who is Sixer King in IPL?

Chris Gayle is known as sixer king in ipl

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