MS Dhoni highlights the reasons behind CSK’s success in IPL

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Chennai Super Kings are the defending champions of IPL after defeating Gujarat Titans in last year’s final.

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MS Dhoni spoke about CSK’s loyal fans and its excellent team management, which has helped them succeed over the years.

Along with the Mumbai Indians, the Chennai Super Kings have become the most successful team in the history of IPL. The five-time IPL champions impressed and were in control every time they played the match. Credit for their success goes to the articulate Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has led the team with great passion over the years.

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Captain Cool has been at the forefront of CSK’s victories. His cool mind, combined with his excellent game-awareness, makes him a powerful leader. Under MSD, CSK reached 10 IPL finals and 12 playoff stages in the 14 seasons he played.

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‘I feel proud that we have fans who really support us:’ MS Dhoni

Recently, before the start of IPL 2024, Dhoni spoke to Star Sports and credited CSK’s fan base for his success. He believes that their fans will always support the team regardless of the result.

“Whenever there are matches in Chennai, the crowd is there. They are very cooperative. He always appreciated it when the opposition played good cricket, not just our side. So, I am proud that we have fans who really support us. Whether we win the trophy or not, we always get a warm welcome,” said Dhoni.

‘It’s always good to have people who understand cricket:’ MS Dhoni on CSK team management.

Dhoni also praised the CSK team management for their support. Management led by head coach Stephen Fleming played a big role in CSK’s success. Fleming has been the coach of CSK since he retired as a player in 2009.

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He believed that team management’s calm and subdued reactions even when the team lost helped them avoid unnecessary stress.

“The managers are always very helpful. Even if he was a bit disappointed because of not winning the game or because of our lack of performance for a while, he didn’t show it to us, he kept it to himself. If you lose a match, everyone feels bad. Some people have extreme reactions, some have toned down reactions and I think our reactions are subdued,” explained Dhoni.

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“If we lose a game, he knows why we lost. He knows that the game is slipping away from us, be it the first six overs, the middle overs or the death overs. So, it is always good to have people who understand cricket. He said that unnecessary pressure will be removed from the system.

Defending champions Chennai Super Kings begin their IPL 2024 campaign on March 22 at MA, Chennai. Turn against each other.

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