Nicholas Pooran IPL Stats 2023 : Price, Runs, Age, Century, Salary, Team

This article focuses on the IPL statistics of Nicholas Pooran, a skilled middle-order batsman from the West Indies. Born on October 2, 1995, in Trinidad and Tobago, Pooran has made a significant mark in the IPL circuit with his exceptional batting prowess. Let’s delve into his IPL career.

Nicholas Pooran’s IPL Performance:

Having participated in 62 IPL matches, Pooran showcased his batting finesse by accumulating 1270 runs across 59 innings. His highest score in the IPL stands at 77. Throughout his IPL journey, Pooran secured 6 half-centuries with no centuries to his name, while also crossing the 30+ mark 15 times and the 20+ mark on 6 occasions. He boasts an impressive strike rate of 156.7, facing 810 balls and maintaining an average of 20.48. Notably, Pooran smashed a total of 168 fours and 91 sixes during his IPL innings.

Regarding his dismissals in the IPL, Pooran fell victim to various bowling strategies: 3 LBW, 3 bowled, 39 caught, and 2 run outs. He encountered 7 left-handed and 37 right-handed bowlers in the IPL.

Further breaking down his wicket-taking abilities in the IPL, Pooran’s left-arm analysis reflects 7 wickets taken, distributed among fast-medium bowlers (4), slow bowlers (3), with no successes for fast or medium-paced bowlers. Conversely, his right-arm performance includes 37 wickets taken, distributed among fast-medium (16), slow (10), fast (7), and medium (4) bowlers. Left-arm bowlers accounted for 7 dismissals—2 by LBW and 5 caught—while right-arm bowlers accounted for 34 dismissals—1 LBW, 3 bowled, and 30 caught.

In terms of his bowling prowess, Pooran had minimal involvement, claiming 2 wickets in as many innings, maintaining a strike rate and average of 0. He bowled 0 balls, with no maidens or substantial breakthroughs.

When analyzing Pooran’s fielding contributions in the IPL, he showcased his agility by taking 26 catches, effecting 4 stumpings, and contributing to 3 direct throw runouts while being part of 3 runouts through throws

TEAM Lucknow Super Giants
IPL Debut 2019
Matches 47
Runs 912
Wickets 0
IPL Price INR 10.75 Cr.
Role Left Handed Batsman
Age 27 Years (2 October 1995)

Nicholas Pooran IPL Stats

Nicholas Pooran IPL Stats

This article delves into comprehensive details regarding Nicholas Pooran’s IPL statistics, segmenting the information into categories like batting stats, bowling stats, and IPL performance.

Nicholas Pooran IPL Batting Stats

Year Mat Runs HS Avg SR 100 50
2022 14 306 64* 38.25 144.34 0 2
2021 12 85 32 7.72 111.84 0 0
2020 14 353 77 35.30 169.71 0 2
2019 7 168 48 28.00 157.00 0 0

Nicholas Pooran IPL Runs 2023

3 Delhi 36
6 Chennai 32
10 Hyderabad 11
15 Bangalore 62
21 Punjab 0
26 Rajasthan 29
30 Gujarat 1
38 Punjab 45
43 Bangalore 9
45 Chennai 20
51 Gujarat 3
58 Hyderabad 44

Nicholas Pooran IPL Runs 2022

In the 2022 IPL season, Nicholas Pooran exhibited impressive form, accumulating 306 runs in 14 matches while playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). His striking performance yielded a notable strike rate of 144.34 and an average of 38.25. Throughout IPL 2023, Pooran showcased his prowess by striking 16 fours and 21 sixes. Notably, his highest score in 2022 stood at 64* against Chennai Super Kings.

Nicholas Pooran IPL Stats

Nicholas Pooran IPL Debut

Pooran marked his IPL debut in 2019 with Punjab Kings, amassing 168 runs across 7 matches, including 10 fours and 14 sixes during this debut season.

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Nicholas Pooran IPL Highest score

His highest IPL score of 77 runs came against Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL 2020, showcasing an impressive strike rate of 208.11, complemented by 5 fours and 7 sixes. Although delivering a remarkable performance in the middle order, his efforts couldn’t secure a victory for Punjab Kings. Nicholas Pooran IPL Stats

Nicholas Pooran IPL Century List

Despite his impactful displays, Pooran hasn’t yet reached the milestone of scoring an IPL century. However, his recent form, as seen in the T10 Abu Dhabi tournament, suggests the possibility of achieving this milestone in IPL 2023.

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Nicholas Pooran IPL Team 2023

In the 2023 IPL season, Nicholas Pooran commands a salary of 16.00 crores while representing Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), earning 1 crore per match exclusively from his contract with LSG, not accounting for additional brand deals.

Year Team
2023 Lucknow Super Giants
2022 Sunrisers Hyderabad
2021 Punjab Kings
2020 Punjab Kings
2019 Punjab Kings

Nicholas Pooran IPL Salary 2023

in 2023 Nicholas Pooran’s IPL Salary is 16.00 crores. He will make 1 Crore from each match as a salary from Lucknow Super Giants(LSG) excluding all other brand deals.

2019 4.20 Crore Punjab Kings
2020 4.20 Crore Punjab Kings
2021 4.20 Crore Punjab Kings
2022 10.75 Crore Hyderabad
2023 16.00 Crore Lucknow Super Giants

Nicholas Pooran IPL Price 2023

Considered one of the significant high-priced acquisitions in IPL 2023, Pooran was retained by Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) for INR 16.00 Crore, recognized for his prowess as a powerful middle-order batsman. The decision to acquire Pooran seems to be a strategic move by LSG for the ongoing IPL 2023 season

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nicholas Pooran IPL runs 2022?

Nicholas Pooran scored 306 runs in 14 matches for Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL 2022. He scored runs at a strike rate of 144.34.

What is Nicholas Pooran’s highest score in IPL?

Nicholas Pooran’s highest score is 77 against Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL 2020. He scored runs at a strike rate of 208.11.

What is Nicholas Pooran’s Price in IPL 2023?

Nicholas Pooran was bought by Lucknow Supergiants for Rs 16.00 crore. He is a powerful middle-order batsman.

How old is Nicholas Pooran?

Nicholas Pooran was born on 2 October 1995 at the age of 27 in Trinidad and Tobago.

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