Rohit Sharma Captaincy Records in Test, ODI, T20I and IPL

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hello everyone In this article we are going to discuss Rohit Sharma Captaincy Records in the Test, ODI, T20I, and IPL. From Kapil Dev to Mohammad Azharuddin, from Sourav Ganguly to MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli, Indian cricket has witnessed captains who have led the team to new heights. The current captain, Rohit Sharma, is no exception. At 36 years old, he possesses a blend of composure and aggression, with the ability to extract the best performance from any ordinary player.

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Since assuming the role of captain in international cricket, Rohit has implemented his strategies in collaboration with his team and management. Despite India’s loss in the 2023 World Test Championship final, he has performed admirably as a skipper. His remarkable leadership qualities are exemplified by his five IPL titles with the Mumbai Indians. In this article, we will examine Rohit Sharma’s captaincy records in international cricket and the IPL.

Rohit Sharma Captaincy Records

Here is the list of Rohit Sharma Captaincy Records


Rohit Sharma Captaincy Record in Tests:

Rohit Sharma has demonstrated a thoughtful approach to leading the team in Test matches. Depending on the conditions, he tailors his strategies, emphasizing the use of three spinners in home matches and opting for three seamers and two spinners in overseas games.

Although his captaincy during the 2023 World Test Championship final against Australia faced challenges, Rohit has generally excelled in making bowling changes and selecting the playing eleven. With his wealth of experience, Rohit remains a suitable choice for the Test captaincy. In 7 Test matches as captain, he has won 4, lost 2, and drawn 1, with a winning percentage of 57.14%.

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Number of Matches Played:7
Matches Won:4
Matches Lost:2
Winning Percentage:57.14%
Rohit Sharma Captaincy Records

Rohit Sharma Captaincy Record in ODIs:

Rohit Sharma’s initial foray into captaincy was during the 2018 Asia Cup in Abu Dhabi, where India emerged victorious in Virat Kohli’s absence. However, it is still early to draw direct comparisons with the likes of MS Dhoni or Virat Kohli, given the limited number of matches he has led.

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In ODIs, Rohit typically fields three pacers and two spinners while playing in India, occasionally opting for an extra spinner. When captaining India in overseas conditions, he leans towards an additional pacer. Rohit has captained India in 26 ODIs, winning 19 and losing 7, resulting in an impressive win percentage of 73.08%. His fielding strategies often include slip fielders and deep square leg fielders to counter strong leg-side batsmen. Additionally, he frequently deploys a spinner from one end and a pacer from the other on pitches conducive to both spin and pace in ODIs.

Number of Matches Played:26
Matches Won:19
Matches Lost:7
Winning Percentage:73.08%

Rohit Sharma T20I Captaincy Records:

Rohit Sharma has performed commendably as a T20I skipper. His approach involves utilizing an extra spinner in T20Is in India, while relying on pace in foreign conditions. In 51 T20Is as captain, Rohit has achieved 39 victories and suffered 12 defeats. During the power play, he employs mid-on and mid-off fielders and adapts his field placements as per the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition batsmen, deploying a long-on or long-off for spinners and a third-man for those adept at handling short deliveries.

Number of Matches Played:51
Matches Won:39
Matches Lost:12
Winning Percentage:76.47%

Rohit Sharma IPL Captaincy Records:

Number of Matches Played:158
Matches Won:87
Matches Lost:67
Winning Percentage:55.06%

In the Indian Premier League (IPL), Rohit Sharma has led the Mumbai Indians to victory on five occasions, establishing himself as the second-most successful IPL captain after MS Dhoni. With 158 games as captain, he boasts 87 wins, 67 losses, and 4 ties. His IPL captaincy has yielded a winning percentage of 55.06%. this is also one of the Rohit Sharma Captaincy Records

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Rohit Sharma’s leadership in the IPL is a testament to his exceptional captaincy skills

Rohit’s Batting Records as Captain


Rohit Sharma holds the distinction of being the second Indian captain to achieve an ODI double century, following in the footsteps of Virender Sehwag. Despite a relatively lower number of matches played, his batting average stands out as the best among those captains with 10 or more appearances.

As a batsman consistently ranked among the top five T20 run-scorers, Rohit Sharma’s captaincy record has also been steadily improving. He boasts the highest strike rate among all Indian captains in the T20 format.

Furthermore, Rohit Sharma holds the unique distinction of being the sole Indian captain to notch up a century in T20 International cricket. In fact, he has accomplished this feat twice.

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