Top 5 Slowest Centuries in ODI Cricket

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in this article, we are giving you the Slowest Centuries in ODI Cricket list. In the past, centuries were predominantly seen as crucial in Test Cricket, but their significance has now expanded into limited-overs formats such as ODIs and T20s.

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Memorable moments include rapid-fire centuries by AB de Villiers, Shahid Afridi, Virender Sehwag, and Virat Kohli, playing pivotal roles in securing milestone victories for their respective teams. However, a dilemma persists among cricket enthusiasts as some players achieve centuries at a more measured pace.

The debate revolves around whether such performances should be praised or criticized, as, in the end, a century remains a significant three-figure accomplishment that should not be underestimated, even if it takes considerable time to materialize.

Top 5 Slowest Centuries in ODI Cricket

  1. David Boon – 166 Balls
  2. Ramiz Raja – 157 Balls
  3. Geoff Marsh – 156 Balls
  4. Scott Styris – 152 Balls
  5. Ramiz Raja – 152 Balls

Noteworthy players like Ramiz Raja, Scott Styris, and Tom Cooper have added the unwanted feather of slow centuries to their otherwise prestigious caps. While not many Indians have achieved this milestone on the world stage, luminaries such as Sourav Ganguly, Ajay Jadeja, and Sachin Tendulkar have made attempts.

Before delving deeper, here are the top five instances of players achieving the slowest centuries in ODI cricket, considering the 50-overs format:

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David Boon – 166 Balls

In 1992, during the Australian team’s tour of India, David Boon, the Aussie opener, achieved a rare feat by scoring a century in 166 balls. His partnership with opening mate Alan Border of 129 runs proved pivotal in chasing down India’s target of 175.

Ramiz Raja – 157 Balls

During the World Cup 1992, in a challenging match against West Indies at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Ramiz Raja scored a century in 157 balls. Despite his impressive ton, Pakistan fell short as West Indies chased down the target with ease.

Slowest Centuries in ODI Cricket

Geoff Marsh – 156 Balls

In a 1989 ODI series against England, Geoff Marsh batted at a slow pace but secured a century with a final score of 111*(162). Despite the time-consuming innings, Australia emerged victorious, reaching the target of 279 runs with three balls to spare.

Scott Styris – 152 Balls

In the 2007 Men’s World Cup, Scott Styris played a crucial role for New Zealand, scoring a slow-paced century of 111*(152) against Sri Lanka. New Zealand won the game, successfully chasing down Sri Lanka’s modest target.

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Ramiz Raja – 152 Balls

Ramiz Raja secures another spot in the list with a slow-paced innings of 107*(152) against Sri Lanka in an ODI encounter. Despite Raja’s slow ton, Pakistan set a target of 315 runs, emerging victorious.

This list showcases instances where players achieved centuries at a deliberate pace, contributing to the intriguing dynamics of ODI cricket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the slowest century in ODI by Kohli?

Virat Kohli slowest century 119 balls vs Pakistan – 2015

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