Top 10 Bowlers with Most Maiden Overs in ODI Cricket

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This article focuses on the top 10 bowlers with most maiden overs in ODI cricket, providing insights into their performances.

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Maiden overs hold significant value in white-ball cricket, exerting immense pressure on opposition batters. The absence of runs often leads to impulsive, risky shots and potential wickets, a tactic frequently witnessed in the sport.

In One Day International (ODI) cricket, consistently bowling dot balls is crucial. Most maiden overs occur during the powerplay phase, where nine fielders are within the 30-yard circle, restricting batsmen from easy singles.

Additionally, the swinging nature of the ball in this phase complicates scoring opportunities. Bowlers must maintain accuracy and discipline in their deliveries. You can explore bowlers excelling in delivering maiden overs and dot balls in T20s and IPL through specific statistics.

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As ODI cricket favours batsmen, with frequent high totals being chased, maiden overs have become rare. This scarcity explains the absence of contemporary bowlers in the list of top performers.

Top 10 Bowlers with Most Maiden Overs in ODI

Shaun Pollock313297
Glenn McGrath279248
Chaminda Vaas279320
Wasim Akram237351
Kapil Dev235221
Muttiah Muralidharan198341
Curtly Ambrose192175
Sir Richard Hadlee185112
Courtney Walsh185204
Ewen Chatfield155112

Shaun Pollock

the South African pacer, tops the list in Most Maiden Overs in ODI. He has delivered 313 maiden overs across 297 innings in his illustrious ODI career. Known for precision and an attacking approach, Pollock targeted the stumps. Meanwhile, among these bowlers, Glenn McGrath boasts the best bowling strike rate (34).

Glenn McGrath:

Australia’s iconic fast bowler, Glenn McGrath, claims the second spot with 279 maiden overs in 248 innings. Renowned for his metronomic precision and relentless line and length, McGrath’s ability to bowl economically played a pivotal role in Australia’s cricket dominance during his era.

Chaminda Vaas:

Sri Lanka’s left-arm seamer Chaminda Vaas shares the second position with McGrath, notching up 279 maiden overs in 320 innings. Vaas’s ability to swing the ball and maintain a tight line made him a linchpin for Sri Lanka in ODIs.

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Wasim Akram:

Pakistani cricketing legend Wasim Akram secures the fourth spot with 237 maiden overs in 351 innings. Akram’s wizardry with swing and seam movement, coupled with his adaptability to different conditions, significantly contributed to Pakistan’s success in ODI cricket.

Kapil Dev:

India’s charismatic World Cup-winning captain, Kapil Dev, holds the fifth position with 235 maiden overs in 221 innings. Kapil Dev’s all-round abilities made him a force to be reckoned with, and his economical bowling played a pivotal role in shaping India’s ODI fortunes.

Top 10: Bowlers with Most Maiden Overs in ODI Cricket

Muttiah Muralidharan:

The spin wizard from Sri Lanka, Muttiah Muralidharan, secures the sixth position with 198 maiden overs in 341 innings. Muralidharan’s artistry in deceiving batsmen with his variations and controlling the game made him a true match-winner for Sri Lanka.

Curtly Ambrose:

West Indian pace icon Curtly Ambrose claims the seventh spot with 192 maiden overs in 175 innings. Ambrose’s towering presence and pinpoint accuracy made him one of the most feared fast bowlers in the history of ODI cricket.

Sir Richard Hadlee:

New Zealand cricketing legend Sir Richard Hadlee occupies the eighth position with 185 maiden overs in 112 innings. Hadlee’s classical seam bowling and relentless accuracy made him a trailblazer in New Zealand cricket.

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Courtney Walsh:

West Indies’ pace legend Courtney Walsh shares the eighth position with Hadlee, registering 185 maiden overs in 204 innings. Walsh’s durability and consistency in maintaining pressure on batsmen solidify his place among the greats in ODI cricket.

Ewen Chatfield:

New Zealand’s Ewen Chatfield rounds off the top ten list with 155 maiden overs in 112 innings. Chatfield’s ability to bowl tight lines and lengths played a crucial role in New Zealand’s success during his playing days.


The list of bowlers with the most maiden overs in ODI cricket pays tribute to the skill, discipline, and consistency exhibited by these cricketing legends. Their prowess in controlling the game and stifling opposition batsmen has left an enduring legacy in the history of ODI cricket. As fans reminisce about the golden era of these bowlers, their impressive maiden over counts stand as a testament to their mastery of the art of bowling in limited-overs cricket.

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